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Mailing Address
PO Box 755
Prosper, TX  75078

Distribution Center
2317 Chester St
Fort Worth, TX  76103




Our stylish range of Nordic Caps are designed and manufactured in Denmark.  Each cap was designed to hugely simplify installation, prolonging post life and at the same time offering a touch of class.

Nordic Caps has a unique feature that no other offers; our full range comes complete with a centrally located and fully integrated high grip nail, allowing for a:

  • Simplified installation procedure
  • Very quick installation
  • Fastens onto any post size

This unique practical design combined with pure elegance will quickly transform and will enhance any setting e.g. front/back garden, horse paddock, hot tub platform, garden gate, fishing jetty, garden decking, boat dock the options are limitless.

Nordic Caps is the sole distributor in the US and Canada for this unique product range.  If you are interested in getting further details, or simply would like to purchase some, please contact us and we will let you know who your local retailer is.